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The history of our company dates back to 2011, when a team of experts produced the first experimental equipment and instrument samples.
 The experience gained over the years, theoretical knowledge and serious engineering education have ensured that the infrastructure of the Kitronic brand is solid and of high quality.
 Although we are active in the production and development of Automatic transmission spare parts, we offer each of the parts we produce with 12 years of experience in automotive spare parts manufacturing to our customers by subjecting them to dynamic and static testing. 
 Acting on the principle of being a reliable institution, our company keeps the service quality at the highest level in order to make this principle a corporate culture. It has always aimed to go further in the light of its efficient working strategy, in which customer satisfaction is kept at the forefront. 
 Our company, which has the necessary knowledge, team and equipment to fulfill its commitments on time and in full, always aims to continuously increase customer satisfaction    

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Dsg Kitronic

The Dq200 Dsg7 eliminates the problems of aluminum plate cracking, breaking and loosening, which are chronic failures in advanced transmissions, as well as the failures of a new generation hydraulic accumulator developed with the KITRONIC brand.     Because aluminum plate is an aluminum alloy material, its expansion coefficients are higher.         Since the hydraulic accumulator is a steel alloy material, its expansion coefficient is less than aluminum. Therefore, as aluminum expands more, a relaxation problem may occur.         Since mechatronics works between 42-60 bar, capillaries and large cracks form depending on Deceleration. Therefore, the more the hydraulic pump motor works, the more current it draws, which can lead to board failures.         Due to pressure losses, the life of the pressure liner is shortened. Because the 24 bar N2 gas sealants in the original hydraulic accumulator wear out over time, the pressure inside decreases over time, and the vehicle does not give a fault code and does not fully perform its task.         With the new generation hydraulic accumulator developed, all chronic failures are eliminated. Late morning filling eliminates the problems of late reacting, provides a more comfortable driving experience while driving.